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Marsha L. Jacklin

Porcelain Artist and Teacher


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Albuquerque, NM and Tucson, AZ

(505)228-5931 -- Marsha@MarshaJacklin.com

Marsha is an award-winning china painter and teacher with a wide range of techniques and experience. She began painting on porcelain in 1976. She has studied with internationally known teachers and shows her work professionally at the New Mexico State Fair and other venues. Her work appears on porcelain boxes, plates, vases, tea sets, mugs, and cups and in framed pieces. She also works in charcoal and pastel media, and for a change in pace, creates award winning quilts. Marsha specializes in flowers, enamel and gold embellishment, animals and birds, and is adding portraiture and still life to her repertoire.

She offers group and private instruction, supplies, commissions, and firing service from her home studios in Albuquerque, NM and Tucson, AZ, and conducts mini-workshops for organizations on request. She enthusiastically promotes Porcelain Art every where she goes!